At the Taiwan Center for Security Studies we host a variety of events focusing on topics such as Traditional and Non-Traditional Security, Climate Change, & Smart Technologies. Click below to read from past events and sign up to our newsletter for updates and invitations.

august 1st 2022

Webinar “China’s New Imperialism: Issues and Challenges”

On August 1st, Taiwan Center for Security Studies jointly held a virtual panel discussion with Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies (KIIPS) on the contemporary rise of China and its actions and implications for the Indo-Pacific, attracting over 30 listeners from multiple countries.

July 11th 2022

Webinar “Russia-Ukraine War: Responses from and Implications to Europe and the Indo-Pacific”

The webinar, jointly organized by TCSS and the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Warsaw (WNPiSM), explored different perspectives, new developments, and possible ramifications and responses that the war in Ukraine has instigated in Europe and the Indo-Pacific region.

june 15th 2022

Webinar “Ukraine War and Geopolitical

Implications for Europe and Asia”

Launched on June 15th, the webinar on “Ukraine War and Geopolitical Implications for Europe and Asia” attracted over 70 participants to join online and in-person. The joint event is organized by Taiwan Center for Security Studies (TCSS) and Institute for Strategic Research (IRSEM) to assess the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and its impact on the regions.

May 26th 2022

Webinar “Commonwealth in the 21st Century”

Jointly organized by TCSS and its partners iDERA and the African Leadership Centre, the webinar on “Commonwealth in the 21st Century” shared valuable insights and policy perspectives on May 26th. As the meeting of Heads of Government (CHOGM) and the Commonwealth Games are coming up on 20 June and in late July, the webinar represented a unique opportunity to discuss the relevance, role, and utility of the Commonwealth.

April 26th 2022

20th Edition of the Doha Forum

Doha Forum 2022, one of the world’s premier policy gatherings, reconvened on March 26 and 27 for in Doha, bringing together policymakers, world leaders, and experts from around the world under the theme ‘Transforming for a New Era’. The Director of the Taiwan Center for Security Studies, Professor Fu-Kuo Liu, and the center’s senior advisor Adm. Richard Chen were invited to take part in this important event.

April 20th 2022

Webinar “India-China: The State of Border and Bilateral Relations”

On April 20th, Taiwan Center for Security Studies and the indian Centre for Northeast Asian Studies, from the O.P. Jindal Global University, organized their first joint webinar to discuss the current tensions between Indian and Chinese borders.

April 6th 2022

Webinar on “China’s Digital to Ambitions: A Global Strategy To Supplant The Liberal Order”

On April 6th, 2022, the Taiwan Center for Security Studies (TCSS) and the National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) jointly organized a webinar to address the last report published by the NBR “China’s Digital to Ambitions: A Global Strategy to Supplant the Liberal Order”.  Gathering distinguished experts from the US and Taiwan, the webinar’s main objectives were to address China’s competitive strategy in the digital field.

March 7th 2022

Signing Ceremony for Climate Change Cooperation Platform

On Monday March 7th, six organizations from Taiwan and abroad signed together a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to further cooperation for climate change resilience. This new establishment will foster a closer cooperation on climate change, atmospheric observation and technology development while promoting academic exchanges and communication on related issues.

February 25th 2022

Cop 26 Action and Beyond

Taiwan Centre for security studies (TCSS) held a comprehensive two-series International Webinar to strengthen global dialogue on climate change cooperation and climate finance on February 23 and February 25. While “Series I: COP 26 and the Way Forward” focused on reviewing COP 26 agreement and negotiations, National Strategies and Renewable Energy Development, “Series II: Towards COP 27–Small Island States Perspectives” flagged the perspectives of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the run-up to the COP 27. The webinar attracted UN representatives, diplomats, academicians, policy analysts, and civil society groups.

MARCH 5TH 2021

TCSS Ambassador Roundtable : Defining National Security and Foreign Policy: Practicability and Achievability

On Friday March 5th, the Taiwan Center for Security Studies (TCSS) held a roundtable discussion in collaboration with the Embassy of St. Lucia and members of the diplomatic community in Taipei. The theme of the event was “Defining National Security and Foreign Policy: Practicability and Achievability”. Attendees included representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps in Taiwan, leaders from the private-sector, and a number of experts/scholars from TCSS. Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu, Director of the Taiwan Center for Security Studies and H.E. Ambassador Edwin Laurent of Saint Lucia, jointly opened the panel discussion Friday morning.


Joint Webinar : 5G, Internet of Things and the Safety of Web Conference

Last week, Taiwan Center for Security Studies (TCSS) and American University in Dubai (AUD) hosted a joint webinar on the topic of “5G, Internet of Things and the Safety of Web Conference”. Co-organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, ROC, the event invited attendees from the private and public sectors hailing from both countries. Representing the technical industry, Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (工研院), Institute for Information Industry (資策會), Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards (台灣資通產業標準協會) as well as Ingram Micro and Fortinet Middle East from Dubai, UAE.

December 21st, 2020

Webinar on “The Biden Administration and Its Asia Policy”

On December 21st, the Taiwan Center for Security Studies and the Synergia Foundation (Bengaluru, India) hosted a joint webinar centered around the incoming Biden administration’s Asia policy. Underscoring the importance of multilateralism in the region and a U.S. committed to its allies and partners, Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu (Director, Taiwan Center for Security Studies), Mr. Tobby Simon (Founder and President, Synergia Foundation), and Dr. Rockford Weitz (Director, Maritime Studies Program, The Fletcher School of Tufts University) led the panel in discussing the future of U.S. foreign policy in the Indo-Pacific as well as strategic competition with Beijing.

December 4th, 2020

The Biden Administration and the Update of the US-China-Taiwan Relations

On Friday, the Taiwan Center for Security Studies (TCSS) held a roundtable discussion on the Biden Administration. The event was represented by members of the foreign diplomatic community in Taiwan, as well as experts and scholars in the field, taking place at National Chengchi University (NCCU). The event was held in accordance with Chatham House Rules and touched on recent developments regarding the US-elections, the incoming administration, and what it means for the future of US-China-Taiwan relations.