February 23rd 2023

On Thursday the 23rd of February 2023, Taiwan Center for Security Studies (TCSS) and The International Development Empowerment and Representation Agency (iDERA) jointly organized the webinar on “COP27: Key Outcomes and Subsequent Progress”. This webinar was hosted among ambassadors, climate experts and global professionals in the fields to join the discussion. 

In November 2022, the 27th UN-Climate Conference “COP27” was held in Egypt, which brought representatives of INGO, world politicians and climate experts from all over the world to enhance international efforts on addressing the climate catastrophes. Topics such as food security, vulnerable communities, and just transition were discussed. 

While COP27 slowly slipped from the headlines, the need for global action against the urgent existential climate crisis is not less important. Four months after COP27, this webinar focused on the outcome and development of the resolutions made by the countries. Furthermore, it aimed at giving experts a voice whose countries are directly facing great threats in the next decades.

Dr. Sindra Sharma, Head of Research and Innovation of iDERA took the lead on the first discussion by delivering an overview about COP27 and UNFCCC’s current progress and future direction. Analysis showed that there’s much more to be done in terms of environmental protection and that the COP27 resolutions are not enough to do so.

Furthermore, Ambassador Bikenibeu Paeniu from the Embassy of Tuvalu pointed out that “The Pacific Ocean could be the most important source for blue energy”. While focusing on island countries in the Pacific Ocean that are in danger of perishing in the next 50 years, he re-emphasized the needs for countries to take more actions. 

Concluded with an active discussion, the webinar once again showed the importance of joint efforts for global environmental safety. Which the two institutions agreed to discuss further for hosting another dialogue before this year’s COP28.