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Ambassador RoundtableDefining National Security and Foreign Policy: Practicability and Achievability

On Friday March 5th, the Taiwan Center for Security Studies (TCSS) held a roundtable discussion in collaboration with the Embassy of St. Lucia and members of the diplomatic community in Taipei. The theme of the event was “Defining National Security and Foreign Policy: Practicability and Achievability”. Attendees included representatives of the foreign diplomatic corps in Taiwan, leaders from the private-sector, and a number of experts/scholars from TCSS.

Strategic Vision

Our bimonthly journal published here at the Taiwan Center for Security Studies examines issues and events related to security in Taiwan and in the wider region.

strategic vision 51

Taiwan and India ties, South China Sea, and Vaccine Diplomacy in the Indo-Pacific

strategic vision 50

The US exit from Kabul, Cyber Cooperation, the Indo-Pacific and a Strategic Vision retrospective

strategic vision 49

The Biden Administration Signaling Rock Solid Support to Taiwan, EU and The Indo-Pacific

strategic vision 48

The Belt and Road in Africa, ROC’s Defense Posture, and the Clash in Eastern Ladakh


Mars Exploration , India-China Border Tensions, and COVID-19 Success Stories

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The Taiwan Center for Security Studies is honored to be represented by experts in a variety of fields all over the world.

TCSS Security Commentaries #019

Japan’s Evolving Security Environment in the Taiwan Strait

The white paper, titled “Defense of Japan 2021”, was released by Japan’s defense ministry on July 13th. In it, the report emphasized making clear the commitment that Tokyo has towards the vision of a “Free and Open Indo-Pacific” (FOIP) with likeminded nations, partners and allies. With a special emphasis on the situation unfolding in the Taiwan Strait, in the same vein calling on Japanese defense officials to pay greater attention to the military trends of China and US.