Strategic Vision Special Issue – Winter 2022

From the Editors,

As the year 2022 comes to a close, we reflect upon the events that have so drastically changed the security situation in the Taiwan Strait, and the Indo-Pacific region as a whole. The Russia-Ukraine war, though it is playing out a continent away, has had a tremendous impact on the security calculus closer to home. Perhaps the most impact- ful development to have had a direct effect on the future of Taiwan security, however, is the Fourth Taiwan Strait Crisis, instigated by Beijing in response to a high-level US official paying a friendly visit to Taiwan. We have therefore dedicated this latest special issue of Strategic Vision to examining the impact of China’s reaction and how to move forward from here.

Current situation differs from three prior crises / Swaran Singh

Xi Thought implies ‘new normal’ for Taiwan / Yuan-chou Jing

Taiwan a front line in war over global order  / Jabin T. Jacob

Xi’s third term seen as countdown to invasion / Amrita Jash

Median-line incursions change cross-strait status quo / Shao-cheng Sun

Media coverage of crisis lacked historical context / Jerome Keating

Limited blockade seen more likely than PLA assault / Ruei-lin Yu

Taiwan’s Civil Defense system needs rejuvenation / Leo Lin

We hope this investigation of its causes, particulars, and effects will aid in the important work of analysts, officials, and all of our other readers who rely on Strategic Vision for a thorough coverage of a diverse set of perspectives on the events shaping our region and impacting our security.

Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu – Editor Strategic Vision