Strategic Vision 52 – May 2022

From the editors,

The editors and staff of Strategic Vision would like to wish our readers well this summer season. Since our last issue, the whole world watched in dismay as the armed forces of Russia marched across the border and began an unprecedented assault on the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Naturally, that event has caused analysts and policymakers here in Taiwan to take note, and examine what lessons can be learned in the aid of our own security. To that end, we offer in this issue the perspectives of a number of experts who offer their views on the situation in Eastern Europe and what it may mean for the Indo-Pacific region.

Beijing looks seaward to safeguard interests / Hon-min Yau

Assessing media narratives on Ukraine War / Aswin Lin

Ukrainian resistance inspires fighting spirit in Taiwan / Dean Karalekas

History of India-Japan ties shows room for growth / Raviprasad Narayanan

Russia attack shows Taipei should seek peace / Charles Yang

We hope you can enjoy this issue, and that our coverage helps to make sense of current geopolitical realities. We look forward to bringing you the finest analysis and reporting on the issues of importance to security in the Taiwan Strait and the Asia-Pacific region.

Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu – Editor Strategic Vision