Strategic Vision 51 – December 2021

From the editors,

The editors and staff of Strategic Vision would like to wish our readers well this winter season as we bring the year 2021 to a close and prepare to ring in 2022. This past year has been a challenging one for many, just as the Indo-Pacific
region remains as dynamic and complex as ever, and we continue our endeavor to keep our readers abreast of developments that impact the region. To that end we offer our latest issue.

America can contribute to stronger relations between India and Taiwan / Patrick Mendis & Antonina Luszczykiewicz

Challenges prevent parties from respecting rule of law in South China Sea /
Tran Thi Duyen

Vaccine nationalism complicates efforts to foster Asia Pacific cooperation /
Man-Jung Mignonne Chan

Taiwan leverages its semiconductor chip sector to boost relations with US & Japan / Tobias Burgers

We hope you enjoy this issue, and look forward to bringing you the finest analysis and reporting on the issues of importance to security in the Taiwan Strait and the Asia-Pacific region.

Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu – Editor Strategic Vision