Strategic Vision – February 2021

From the editors,

We here at Strategic Vision are honored to embark
upon our tenth year in publication, and are glad to
have you join us as we continue to analyze the events and trends in cross-strait and Asia-Pacific security as they reshape our world. In addition, it is our fervent hope that you had
a wonderful Lunar New Year, and that the Year of the Ox has
something good in store for all our readers.

The Pros and Cons of Africa’s BRI Projects / Letsiwe Portia Magongo & Ruei-Lin Yu

China Raises Pressure on Taiwan in 2020 / Shao-cheng Sun

Troops Clash Along Border in Eastern Ladakh / Amrita Jash

Proposal: Covert Deployment of Tripwire Force / Kitsch Liao

ROC Defensive Posture Must Continue to Evolve / Ying-yu Lin

Once again, we are extremely proud to continue providing the
very best in coverage and analysis of the military, security, and
political changes that affect our region, and are glad to play a part in keeping our readers up to date with the information they need. All our best wishes for the Year of the Ox.

Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu – Editor Strategic Vision