Dr. Ilias Iliopoulos is currently a Professor of Diplomatic History and International Relations in the Department of Turkish and Modern Asian Studies at the National University of Athens. He received his bachelors in History from the National University of Athens in 1990, his postgraduate studies in History of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Modern History and Political Science/International Relations at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich in 1994, and lastly his PhD in History of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe at the same university in 2000, where he completed his thesis, “Metaxas as a Realist; Greek Containment Strategy and British Appeasement Policy” (Metaxas als Realist. Griechische Eindämmungsstrategie und britisches Appeasement, Munich: Hieronymus (ed.), 2001). Before his current position, Dr. Iliopoulos has been the Director of the Department of Political and Strategic Studies and the Chair of Political and Strategic Studies at the Baltic Defense College in Estonia (2010-2013), the Special Academic Advisor for European and International Affairs to the Greek Deputy Minister for Culture (2013-2015), a Professor of Naval History, Strategy, and Geopolitics of Sea Power at the Hellenic Naval War College (2013-2017), and lastly an Adjunct Professor of History, Diplomacy, and Maritime History at The American College of Greece (2015-2019).