April 26th 2022

The Director and the senior advisor of TCSS participated in the 20th edition of the Doha Forum, 2022.

Doha Forum 2022, one of the world’s premier policy gatherings, reconvened on March 26 and 27 for in Doha, bringing together policymakers, world leaders, and experts from around the world under the theme ‘Transforming for a New Era’. The Director of the Taiwan Center for Security Studies, Professor Fu-Kuo Liu, and the center’s senior advisor Adm. Richard Chen were invited to take part in this important event.

This year, the forum welcomed more than 200 speakers to debate and join the brainstorming on various of challenging global issues in 4 main areas: Geopolitical Alliances and International Relations, Financial System and Economic Development, Defense, Cyber and Food Security and finally Climate Change and Sustainability.

The opening session was led by Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Amir of Qatar, which the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy also attended virtually. During the two-day event, participants and panelists from 104 countries contributed to over 50 sessions. Professor Fu-Kuo Liu and Adm. Richard Chen had the opportunity to attend multiple talks and conferences on the strategic themes such as post-pandemic economy and solutions, adaptation and resilience against climate change, and stability and security in Indo-Pacific.

Before the end of Doha Forum, H.E. Dr. Vjosa Osmani spoke on Kosovo’s experience with multilateralism and left an inspiring remark, saying “with history constantly being made and new alliances being formed… multilateralism has never been more important. If we want to transform for a new era, we need to do it hand in hand.”

Dr. Fu-Kuo Liu and Adm. Richard Chen at the scene of the Doha Forum, 2022